Friday, March 11, 2016

Day 5: Hard Work Gets Rewarded

Today started out just like every other day during the week, with the students coming to the dinning hall to eat a good breakfast and have a smoothie to fuel up for the day. Then after allowing their food to digest we met in the gym for the final workout and run.

Today started off with some warm-up exercises to get the blood flowing and then transitioned into ab exercises.

After the students worked out their midsection, they moved onto the full body part of their workout. Below students are doing an alternating inverted row (on the left) and a tempo push up (on the right).

In the video below, students are doing some box jumps to work on their explosiveness.

In this video, Kristers is showing a 3-way stability ball hamstring curl.

After a nice hard workout out all the students went outside to get some conditioning in before they ended their workouts for the week. Today's conditioning was the toughest of the whole week, involving some short sprints (as shown below) and then shuttle sprints, which really tested the students endurance.

The students were given some time to get lunch and then were treated to ice cream in Plymouth to reward them for all their hard work.

When we returned to campus, students went back to the gym to work more on their individual sport specific skills. Chad played some wall ball to work on his lacrosse stick skills.

Then to finish the week off all the students put together the following video to represent how their week training as an athlete went. Unfortunately the file is a little too big to put up on the blog.

After being asked to sum up his experience during the week, Michael Donnelly said, "I had a great time learning about different components of how to be the best athlete I can be."

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