Friday, March 11, 2016

The Creative Life: Final Day

Today the Creative Life group worked under a deadline for our most productive day yet. The group started the day off with some intensive editing and formatting work before the work hits print. We did close readings, worked to determine our overall aesthetic, and came up with a name for our literary journal.

For lunch, the group took a break to do a Literary Reading at a local coffee shop, The Purple Pit. Students read a work of their choosing and we enjoyed some down time before making the final push to complete our culminating project.

Shawn reading "I Hate Nature"

Johnny reading "Let the Dog Out"

Hex reading "Untitled"

Maryellen reading "The Night"

The end of the day saw the group working as a team to create our end product, “Stuck In The Mud”. It was an awesome week!

"Stuck In The Mud" hitting the shelves in a book
store near you soon!

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