Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ecuador: Day 4

Today, the Ecuador group went back to the animal rehabilitation center for our second day. We started the day by helping out with work around the center to benefit the animals currently living there. One group finished breaking down an old animal cage and another group proceeded to carry rocks to a new sanctuary area.

During the second half of the day the group was given time to explore the center individually. During this time we were able to see monkeys, caimans, many different kinds of birds, fish, turtles,  a capybara (the largest rodent in the world), an ocelot (pictured), and much more.  We were each able to reflect in our journals on the surrounding environment and animals.

After a long day, the group had a chance to rest and relax before going out into the town of Puyo for some local shopping. Tomorrow we look forward to our last day with the animal rehabilitation center where we will be going on a hike deeper into the rainforest.

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