Thursday, March 10, 2016

Beyond Fitness Meets with Alex Ray of Common Man

Beyond Fitness Day 4 brought us to our first full day on campus. Today's focus was project work time and workout lessons in the morning, then a wonderful guest speaker, Alex Ray the owner of the Common Man, midday. Alex was an amazing speaker, showing great expertise in the business world with 45 plus years dominating the NH restaurant market. He possesses a great humor and some fabulous insight into the challenges and risks that go along with starting up a business! The afternoon brought about additional project time putting in the work of actually creating our Gym designs and structures.

Day 5 is around the corner and will allow for us to put some final touches on our gym presentations and business proposals. Also we will be traveling to meet a gym owner who started his business through a grad school project opportunity just like the one we are doing, and he will be showing us a specialty workout in his own gym!

Stay tuned...

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