Saturday, March 12, 2016

Final Day with LtN

I awoke this morning with Haley's eyes piercing into my forehead. We made a quick walk over to Soda Marcel where we have been lucky enough to eat breakfast for the last five days. Following breakfast we met the kids at their community field to practice for their soccer game on Tuesday against one of the neighboring towns. After weaving through cones and getting our ankles continuously broken in the 98ยบ sun by third graders, we turned our direction to the waves at the beach, meeting some of the older students for a VERY competitive volleyball game. Once the tide hit a high and the sun hit a low we packed up our belongings and said goodbye to Playa Pena one last time. 

At dinner tonight a majority of us realized how much these kids in Potrero have made an impact on our lives in such a short period of time. This past week in Potrero has undeniably flown by and tomorrow morning it is hard to think that we will have to pack up and leave this amazing place and even more amazing people. The dedication Lacrosse the Nations program has in Potrero is heartwarming. We will continue to support LtN's mission back home and will remember the faces of the kids that made our experience here life changing.

- Asa G.

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