Saturday, March 12, 2016

7000 Feet in Banos

Today we made our way back to Baños. We battled through the rain and ended up going ziplining, climbing up the mountain, and finishing with ziplining back down the mountain. Though many of us were scared of heights, we battled through that as well. I was really hoping that it would be sunnier out, but it was still a great time.

After ziplining we had an amazing lunch. Then we went to the hotel and the view is absolutely gorgeous. It is mountains on mountains, and they look like they go on for forever. When walking in town you really get to know the culture, you get to see how the food was made. I recommend the taffy it is delicious. Some of the guys got their butts kicked in soccer by some local boys, others chose to go to the spa or the hot springs. Tonight we are planning on going salsa dancing and walking some more around town. Baños was a good stop, it really mad me expand my horizons on how I think about different cultures.
-Jess C.

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