Tuesday, March 8, 2016

First day in Ecuador

Jess C- We went to the Diablo Waterfall and it was amazing! The sound of the waterfall roaring and rain falling on the umbrella was just exhilarating.

Kaya- I really enjoyed the swing in Baños. You could see and here the volcano rumbling. It was amazing.

Branton B- I had a great time today at the swing in Baños over the mountains. You could also see and hear the volcano erupting.

Emma S- I have a fear of heights, so being able to conquer my fears, swing on the edge of a cliff, go on a gondola tour, and walk on a Tibetan bridge, was awesome!

Nino A- I never saw Volcano in my life before. It was amazing to hear the voices and see the ashes behind the clouds.

Brighid- Today was amazing! We saw multiple water falls, went on a cable car, and saw an active volcano!

Maggie- Well today was a great day for those of us who have a fear of heights. The swing off the edge of the world was something that's been on my bucket list for a while, but I think standing under/near the Devil's Waterfall was the highlight of the day.

Megan- I really enjoyed swinging over the edge of the mountain and seeing "El Diablo" (the waterfall). I've also never seen an active volcano before.

Katie- it was amazing to see all of Ecuador from the top of mountains, the waterfalls were breathtaking and were definitely worth the hike!

Mairead- Ecuador is absolutely breathtaking! The views are so amazing and already we've done so many cool things. I can't wait to see the monkeys tomorrow!

Igor- I really enjoyed the trip to Diablo waterfall. It look so scary and at the same time beautiful. Also, I liked volcano, it was very amazing experience.

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