Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Day 2: Soreness Does Not Stop Us

The students woke up a little sore this morning, but everyone still managed to wake up early and make it to breakfast to enjoy some tasty smoothies to fuel up for day 2 of workouts.

To get warmed up for the second workout day, the students went through some quick feet drills and ab exercises.

After the warm-up, students went to the weight room to work on both lower and upper body exercises in the form of bench press, stability ball shoulder press and manual leg curl to name a few.

After finishing a nice hard workout in the gym, the nice weather this morning allowed for all the students to go outside to work on improving their change of direction quickness and conditioning. Shown below in the two videos.

In the afternoon, students continued to learn more about the body and how what you put into your body can help or hinder your performance. Students also looked more into the science behind the exercises we are doing and how these particular exercises will help them become more powerful athletes.

After spending some time in the classroom, students were eager to get back to doing some physical activity. All the students spent some time working on skills for their individual sports. Coach Whitmore came to help out with the basketball players in the video shown below.

The students have worked hard these past two days and will enjoy a day off from the gym as we travel to Dartmouth to meet with Strength and Conditioning Coach Bob Miller. 

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