Monday, March 7, 2016

First Day of Training

The "Training as an Athlete" group started today off bright an early by having a nice breakfast and making smoothies to give them energy as they prepared for their first workouts of the day. The day started off with a nice warm-up, in addition to a core work.

From there all the athlete went to the weight room to start on their full body workouts, involving exercises such as squats and pull-ups.

After the students finished the strength part of their workout, they met back on the basketball court to continue with their conditioning. During the conditioning part, the students went through a dynamic warmup, did some plyometrics, and went through a variety of different sprints to help work on their quickness.

After getting a good stretch, all the students were given some time to re-fuel and rest before heading to the classroom to research different exercises and nutrition used to help athletes optimize their performance.

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