Monday, March 7, 2016

The Creative Life: Day One

Today we explored the components of fictional story telling. Through various group activities we were given the opportunity to utilize our newly acquired skills in developing a fictional character. By speaking to a contemporary writer, Beth Grosart, we gained an understanding of the link between non-fiction and fiction. We became comfortable sharing our work and thus providing positive feedback to our classmates. - Will R.

Fiction Workshop in Progress

Student Work:
"The bass in the background seems a paintbrush and everytime it plays, it is painting a path and the piano is the brain and allowing me to walk that path of uncertainty" - Kaleb D.

"Street vendors portray a heavy smell incapable of traveling a distance, but rather something I pick up and leave at the spot." - Will R.

"I finally burst out saying "I hear a buzz and it's getting closer." We start hearing footsteps and finally a knock at the bathroom door. The door opens and there is Mom, holding a bloody knife." - Johnny B.

"Looking up was like peering into a neon kaleidoscope; with a thousand things and events proclaiming themselves across the massive signs." - Ella T.

"Carl had made his dream come true, he could now party forever with those two songs, Channing Tatum, and the ultimate party house." - Robbie H.

"He's not going to know enough to stay where he is, or go to the police. I've taught him that, but I'm sure that went in one ear and out the other." - Liv D.

"See the wallet and take it. I could make billions off of this. People are too caught up in everything else to even notice. Be smooth, be smart, and seem kind. All around me, people are oblivious to their surroundings, which makes it so much easier. Even if they notice, it's gone and they will never suspect that I took it." - Maryellen L.

"The most important power of time is that it always changes."- Liangzhe Z.

"He wishes his brother didn't have to leave, possibly forever, to defend his family and nation. In all honesty, Luke doesn't want any protection, even if it means he could have his brother back." - Patrick K.

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