Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Greece Day 2

We started our first full day in Athens by taking the Metro to one of the seven man-made wonders of the world, The Acropolis. The Acropolis is arguably where the most famous landmark of Athens is: the Parthenon.

We started with a guided tour of the New Acropolis Museum. The tour guide was able to give us insight on what the native Athenians thought about the museum. As we continued on the tour, we learned much about the architectural and historical make-up of the Acropolis and surrounding region. After the tour of the museum we continued on to the Acropolis itself. After the epic hike up uncountable sets of stairs. We finally reached the summit of the hill and we got to see the infamous Parthenon that is the symbol of Athens. The view was breathtaking as we could see the expansive city of Athens and the faraway Aegean Sea. After we took the obligatory group photo, we got back on the metro, where our adventures continued.  

We all headed in to the heart of Athens, Syntagma Square. Whilst in the square, we enjoyed a simple yet delicious lunch of Gyros. After lunch, we walked to a money exchange near by where we exchanged our US Dollars for Euros.

We then went to the Hellenic American University to talk to the founder of the university himself, Chris Spiros. Mr. Spiros leads a very distinguished life with highlights being the leader of the democratic party in New Hampshire and running for the governor for the state of New Hampshire. After we did this we went for a nice dinner on the coast and had some delicious Greek seafood with Giotty’s family friend. After the amazing meal we enjoyed a bus ride back to hotel filled with laughter and many good times.

Overall, this day was a success as we learned a great deal about ancient Greece. Armed with new information, we are going to be able to find more meaningful and deeper connections with contemporary Greek culture and its economic status.

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