Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Young Chefs Living Large in the Big Kitchen

Pizza Day is what we all have looked forward to. We knew today was going to be an absolutely amazing day. In the morning we headed off to the Arsenault’s house to work in a bigger kitchen. The nine of us split into our groups and learned from Mr. Sampson how to make a homemade pizza dough. We used all fresh ingredients including flour, “OO” flour, water, salt and yeast. From there we spread flour on the table and started to knead the dough. We set warm, wet towels on the dough and then let it rise for 3 hours. In the meantime, half of the young chefs headed off to the grocery store again and picked up some ingredients. The other young chefs enjoyed spending time bonding together over our favorite cooking shows.

The afternoon is when the challenge started. The young chefs showed their true talents of incorporating pizza skills and making fabulous and absolutely delicious pizzas. The pizza options were all so diverse and it was hard to choose a winner, resulting in a three-way tie. The young chefs chopped up fresh cheeses including smoked mozzarella along with different meats. Another group chopped up mozzarella, tomatoes, fresh feta cheese, and basil. The final group had ham, bรฉchamel, cheese, and peas, and mint. The pizzas were all to die for, with that fresh, light crust melting in our mouths.

These are definitely something the young chefs will want to make again!


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