Sunday, March 13, 2016

Greece Day 6

Our final day in Greece consisted of quite a bit. We started the day with a card swap activity at Starbucks. With coffee in hand, we worked to organize all of our thoughts and information that we learned this week. The crisis is far more complex than we initially thought, so this was a great way for us to put all of the different components out in front of us so we could discuss them. The group managed to organize our ideas and facts into five categories we could use to help put together our final product for this trip.

We then hiked part of Mount Lykabetus (we took a train to get all the way to the top). It had a wonderful outlook over all of Athens and the Acropolis. There was even a small chapel on top and a wedding was taking place inside. Then we climbed back down and headed for lunch. Most of us chose gyros for lunch since it was going to be our last opportunity to get them. They are so delicious and will definitely be missed!

The group then spent some time working on our project week presentation for the symposium. We developed a good plan before we headed back out to Monastiraki Central Market. The group walked around the market taking in the sights of the different shops and doing some souvenir shopping. It was also a night of celebration in Greece, similar to that of Halloween, so we saw a lot of people dressed up in costumes and there had been parades earlier in the day.

We had our final dinner at Anafiotikas. We ate a lot of greek salad and kabobs as well as grilled cheese (not the sandwich). It was all delicious and the group had no problem finishing our plates. We had a wonderful walk home even in the rain, just enjoying each other’s company and laughing about our times together on the trip. We will be heading out tomorrow morning to our flights back to the States where we will all be getting a much needed rest. It has been an amazing week and we have gained so much insight into the crisis and Greece and the issues impacting their ability to recover.

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