Sunday, March 13, 2016

London: Laws Are Made, You Can Buy Anything, Indian Food, and Murder Mystery

Day 5: After a nice breakfast, the Husky squad made their way to a quick coffee break and then on to the city of London's Parliament building at Westminster Palace. After exploring how the British government works through an audio tour we split for food between a local Pasty (meat pie) shop and an eat (a quick grab fresh sandwich place). Then, it was off to Harrods to look at expensive price tags and experience a big shopping department in London. 

We then worked on our final video project at the Princess Diana memorial fountain while relaxing in the rare sunshine and enjoying some of our final days by putting our feet in the running water and watching the little kids splash about. A quick stop at the hotel, and we were off to try a new culture... indian food. After one of the best meals of the trip, according to some, we again took the tube to meet our tour guide for the Jack The Ripper Tour. An exciting tale and creepy setting left the squad extremely tired and ready to fall asleep for the next day.
- Krista E.

The NHS London group went to the Parliament and listened to information through earphones. In the afternoon, the group did a small project at the wonderful park with the great weather. Finally, during dinner, we went to an Indian food restaurant where the food was better than we thought.

- Andrew J.

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