Friday, March 11, 2016

Greece Trip Day 4

Today in Greece, the New Hampton Huskies visited and were apart of many different meetings
and tours. We first woke up and started off the day by going to the super market Carre Four, a
european chain food market. The group was asked to accomplish these four tasks; How much
would it cost to feed a family of four for one night, how much does it cost to raise a baby for one
week, find a product which is imported from the U.S., and what was the weirdest thing we could buy for five euros? The tasks were completed and some of the results were astounding to us.

Next, we went to a local incubator near us called the EGG. We all talked about ideas
that we wish we could do and start as a company. We all brought up very cool ideas but almost all of them were already taken. That is something that the group learned as a whole and we
never knew how many ideas that we thought were original were actually in the process of being
done. We also got to see some of the start up companies and what they did.

After the EGG, we had lunch nearby and relaxed until going to an important local lawyer.
The group asked a lot of questions about the crisis that Greece is going through. A lot of the
focus seemed to be on Greece's entrance into the Euro zone: Was Greece ready to have the
Euro as currency or not? The group also learned about the hopeful optimism that the lawyer
shared with the group. Apparently Greece's GDP is calculated to go up by 1.7 percent. This is
great to know for the future of Greece.

After having a nice little break, we met a lady who was an entrepreneur herself. She started her
company because she wanted to operate a business when she was raising her baby. The
company sells hand-made goods made by Greek women to people in Greece and even in
Europe. She introduced some of her products and told us some of the difficulties she encountered when she started the business like high taxation and Greek bureaucracy. It was helpful for us to
understand the issue from the perspective of the entrepreneur.

Our last meeting was in the office of Impact Hub, a global organization under the umbrella of
social issues. Impact Hub creates communities for people of diverse professions, offering
members working opportunities, and developing programs for different businesses. One of the founders of the organization in Greece listed some factors for the crisis such as the expensive price of land, monopoly, legal issues, and even foreign mafias. We ended the night with a nice dinner at Giottys House.

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