Friday, March 11, 2016

From the Mile-End to the Olympic Tower: Day 4 in Montreal

On Thursday, we participated in a food tour of the Mile-End neighborhood of Montreal. We began the tour with a vegan falafel sandwich from La Panthère Verte, which was very filling.

After that, we stopped by a chocolate store and had a sample of hot chocolate with a brownie inside. That was hands down the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had! Following that, we went to Théâtre Rialto. What’s special about this theatre is that it’s the oldest theatre in Montreal. They have over 20 shows a month in this theatre. Next, we also went to the famous bagel shop called St-Viateur Bagel—it was incredible! While we were there we learned about how the bagels are made and how they came up with the different kinds of bagels to serve.

After that, we went to Wilensky’s, which serves sandwiches, though it didn’t start off that way. The owner started this store by selling cigars. He had some customers asking for food, so he decided to make and sell sandwiches. Later on, he realized more people were coming for food instead of cigars, so he gave up the cigars and it has been a sandwich restaurant ever since. The last stop on our food tour was at Boucherie Lawrence in Plateau Mont Royal. When we were there we tried 2 cheeses and 3 different kinds of meat, which were all surprisingly very good.

After the food tour, we got onto a private bus and went to the Olympic Stadium, which was truly amazing. We went up to the top on a groovy elevator (a funicular) and could see the skyline of Montreal, which was beautiful.

After returning to the ground, we got to see the pool, and that was a beautiful sight. There were a couple people in there practicing for the Summer Olympics. When we got back on the bus, we went to Mount Royal Lookout, where you could also see the skyline of Montreal. It was just an amazing sight, the city never ended.

Ending the bus tour, we went to a church called Oratoire St-Joseph, which was huge. The architecture was more modern than the churches we visited earlier in the week, but it was still breathtaking.

To end the day, we went to a Canadiens de Montreal hockey game. Even though we weren’t in the front row, the game was very fun. The lively atmosphere of the crowd really got you into the game even if you weren’t a Canadiens fan. They ended up beating the Buffalo Sabres 3-2, but one of their stars got hurt, P.K. Subban. Overall, Thursday was an incredible day and I’m happy I chose to come to Montreal.

- Valentina F.

To start off Thursday morning we went to our first restaurant, Panthère Verte. At this vegan restaurant we had a taste of their special falafel. We also stopped by Chocolats Geneviéve Grandbois, Théàtre Rialto, St-Viateur Bagels and Boucherie Lawrence.

We then went to the top of the Olympic Tour and got an overview of the city and a look at the history of the building. To get an even better view we went up Mount Royal to get an even closer look at the city. That night we went to the Montreal Canadians Hockey game and watched them beat the Buffalo Sabers 3-2 at the Bell Center.

- Lauren D. 

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