Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mt. Mechanics: Overnight @ Jay Peak

Backside of Jay Peak's Summit via Tram

"Today I experienced the tram lift for the first time. It was like being in a room but going up the entire mountain. I got to the top and felt like I could see the entire world from there." 
- Cullin C.

Tram's here

Family dinner with the boys

Soaking and surfing in Jay's waterpark

Breakfast chat with the CEO of Jay Peak in our condo
"We started the day today by meeting with the CEO of the mountain and ski patrol. It was really cool and informative to hear from the CEO. He told us all about the revenue and where the revenue comes from, some of their investors, EB5, and plans for the future. After then we met with ski patrol and they went over what a typical day entails. The guy told us about some of the injuries he had witnessed and told us a little bit about his background specifically."
- Caleb G.
Misty and warm during our second Jay day

A tour of the Ski Patrol center at Jay Peak. 

First Aid and treatment with Ski Patrol

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