Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wilderness Survival: Competition Day

Day 4 of Wilderness Survival proved to be a great day for students to challenge themselves and test how far they had come since Monday morning. The morning was used for one big competition to test many of the various skills that the group members had learned in the first three days. The students were split into 3 randomly chosen teams and each team was tasked with hiking to the very top of Burleigh Mountain, setting up a tent, creating a tarp shelter, building a sustainable fire, and boiling water on a camp stove. Not only did this test each of their newly acquired individual skills, but it also forced the teams to work together and come up with efficient strategies to be able to complete multiple tasks at once. Inigo, Chumi, Maddie W., and Antonio were the first team to complete all five tasks.

The afternoon was used for a hike up Mount Prospect. Conditions were icy on much of the trail, so students were forced to work together to find to safest possible path up the mountain. The persistent rain throughout the afternoon also provided a challenge to the group's perseverance. Every group member made it to the top of the mountain and a strong sense of accomplishment was felt throughout the group on the drive back to campus.

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