Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Our Tiny Thinking Expands

Today, our group (Designing A Tiny House) worked on developing a proposal to possibly build a tiny house on campus.

We met with Mr. Love and Mrs. Duncan earlier to discuss how realistic it is to make this project happen. We presented a couple of ideas that included building a tiny house for faculty, building one to rent to traveling families and have this serve as a source of income for New Hampton, building a tiny house and donating it, and maybe even building one for a student (or a few students) to live in. 

After sharing the benefits of tiny homes, we considered a budget and how we could further develop our proposal this week. 

Additionally, we looked at the idea of living minimally by bringing all of our short-sleeved t-shirts to sort. We asked ourselves, "Does this item bring me joy?" 

In the evening, students worked on designing 3D models with our Arc Kit. Here is one concept that students designed which includes a loft for sleeping to save space. 

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