Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Wilderness Survival: Food and Water

Day 2 of the Wilderness Survival project was focused on strategies for acquiring food and water that is safe to consume and necessary to survive. The morning started with students researching natural sources of food that can be found in New Hampshire and strategies for starting camp fires. Students then moved outside for a tutorial on using camp stoves. Small groups of students used camp stoves to practice boiling water before breaking for lunch.

After lunch the group hiked back up Burleigh Mountain to test out their newly acquired skills. They split into 3 smaller groups to gather wood for building campfires, learning a few different approaches to starting and maintaining fires along the way. Groups had the opportunity to start their fires using matches or a flint stick. Before hiking back down Burleigh to end the day, students rewarded their day's effort by using their camp stoves to make themselves mac and cheese and hot chocolate.

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