Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Productivity Reaches a Maximum: Tinker Shop Day 2

The Tinker shop group hit the ground running on day 2, with eyes set on building 6 Adirondack chairs and 8 tires rotated by days end. The automotive group changed the tires and changed the oil on two New Hampton School pickup trucks throughout the day. The wood-shop group took the bull by the horns and was pushing saws to wood by 9:00 AM and exceeded expectations on the day.  The group cut, rounded, and sanded pieces for 6 sets by days end. Grinding away at manual labor in the garage and the wood-shop for multiple hours produced tangible results.

"Today in tinker shop we learned how to use multiple tools in the workshop. We leaned how to use a bandsaw, router, sander, and table saw. With all of the tools we were making chairs so people can use them around campus. My personal favorite thing to use was the router because it gave the wood a nice finishing touch before it was done. We also learned about safety on how to use these tools and ended being very efficient. It was a good day at work. " 
- Michael K.

Early Recognition: The entire group has been efficient and productive thus far, blowing away the expectations of faculty and maintenance. However, a few have stood out on the first two days:
Wes Narewski and Anthony Tur. Both Wes and Anthony have a passion and natural ability in the wood-shop and garage. Each have proven to be leaders in their respective groups and have embraced challenges in the Tinker Shop.

Tomorrow we head outside to clear trails and cut down trees! Bring your hard hats!

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