Friday, March 11, 2016

Student Reflections on iPad Coding

Today, students finished their apps - and uploaded them onto iOS devices! While some project members created a short video of our work, and others prepared our presentation plan for the symposium, Fred, Regis, David S. and Harry wrote about their thoughts on the last day:

Another great day in Project Week and finishing up my project by the end of the day. I created an app that will transfer American Customary Units into Metrics units. I spent days learning the basics for using XCode and collected crucial knowledge for this app in the past few days. My process is speeding up following a sunny Friday before Spring Break.
- Harry S.

What a fine day with the final wrapping up of our iPad app. We fixed errors and connected each piece together. In the end I successfully downloaded the app to my phone and will order with it XD.
- David S.

Basically, I typed. To be exact, I typed a lot. I finally finished my app after following the Xcode tutorial for 5 days. It is an app that can decompose a 15-digit number into its prime factors in 3 seconds. It will still take a long time when the app meets some kind of great prime number. I am satisfied with it anyway.
- Regis L.

It is the fifth day of the project week. I finally finished my project, a quiz. Although there were a lot of obstacles, mostly weird coding issues, along the path to finishing this project, this was a pretty amazing project. Pizza for lunch was great, I wish we could have pizza for lunch everyday!
- Fred L.

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