Monday, March 7, 2016

Thinking Big About Living Tiny!

For the first day of project week, we explored the world of tiny houses to gain a better understanding of how to design a tiny house. To start the day we heard the story of a Dutch girl who built a tiny house as a school project at just 18 years old and now lives independently and debt free (in a beautiful location). We later visited Eric Worthen, a neighbor of ours. He built his own 68 square foot tiny house in 58 days, using reclaimed and locally sourced materials from his own property.

The front door with refrigerator in foreground.
He shared a long list of reasons he has chosen to live tiny – including financial freedom, having a smaller ecological footprint, designing a home that is aesthetically aligned with the natural environment, and self sufficiency.

Eric shared his story with our group while the snow fell
peacefully around us. Being able to experience the natural
world around us is one reason Eric wanted to build his house
in this beautiful location in New Hampshire.
This visit provided feedback and inspiration to our group as we explore how to build the perfect tiny house! We ended the day bringing back our childhood memories of playing with Legos by designing our own tiny houses using an Arckit.

Marietta and Dorothy are getting started with the Arckit 240.
Thomas and Peter are hard at work designing their tiny models.

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