Monday, March 7, 2016

Tinker Shop Gets Their Hands Dirty on Day 1!

The Tinker Shop project students dove right into hands-on work on Day 1. The students split into two groups, one focusing on automotive trade skills, and the other working in the wood shop. In the automotive garage, the group made repairs on small engines (lawnmower, leaf blower) and also took a look at a car engine. The wood shop group handled large saws and sanders as they began working towards their goal of 9 Adirondack chairs by the end of the week!

"Today we dove in to the world of engineering. Although most of us lacked experience in this field, we were all eager to learn. We are now able to fix and repair engines from lawnmowers to cars. Not just engines, we also were taught the small things like replacing the oil in the vehicles, replacing dead light bulbs. Overall, today was a crucial day for us students to learn and develop into young men and woman. " - Jakov Novak '16

"Today in Tinker shop, my group learned how to use four different saws used to cut and shape wood to make chairs. We started out by tracing the pieces and then using one of the saws to cut them. We then used a saw that helped us shape the pieces, or we used a table saw to cut the straight pieces. We then sanded the pieces and used another saw to round the edges and corners. I feel like today was a very productive day as we cut the pieces for 3 chairs. " - Ty Turgeon '16

Back at it tomorrow! Bring your lunch pail!

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