Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday - Another Great Day in Costa!

Today was another great day for the Lacrosse the Nations project week group in beautiful Costa Rica. We Started the day with a workshop, discussing ideas for the afternoon with the kids and ways to keep them engaged. Afterwards, the group decided to check out the farmers market where there was a variety of fruits and crafts. After coming back from the farmers market we all made plans to go the beach for a quick swim before going to play with kids later that afternoon.

The beach was amazing, the water was warm, and the view was incredible. But we underestimated the power of the swell gods and the waves reached our things drenching everything we brought. Not soon after, we left to shower and change to go to the fields. At the fields the kids were very engaged with the activities we had planned for the them. For dinner we changed things up and got pizza, which we all enjoyed. A gelato stop on the way home completed the evening, bring to an end another tremendous day!

Quote of the day “stay cool one slice at a time”.


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