Thursday, March 10, 2016

Day 4: Back At It

After a nice day off from working out and running, the students were back in the gym today. They started out with some quick feet coordination drills on the speed ladder to warm-up.

From there they moved into the weight room to continue the warm-up with ab exercises.

When the students finished their warm-up they moved onto the weight training part of the program. Students are shown working on two of the exercises involved in todays workout, the BB Complex and a Barbell Step-up to Reverse Lunge in the videos below.

After working hard in the weight room, students went back to the gym to work on their explosiveness by doing some short 10 yard sprints. The video below, really shows the students driving hard as they try to quickly achieve full speed while covering as much ground as possible.

To continue working on explosiveness and a little bit of conditioning, we transitioned to running hill sprints outside.

The students worked extremely hard this morning and earned some time off to eat lunch and relax before we met up to finish working on their posters for the symposium on Saturday. All three groups did a fantastic job and were able to finish their posters today.

Walker, Kristers and Will did a poster on the exercise: Squat

Mo, Davis, Mike and Max (not pictured) did a poster
on Nutrition

Johannes, Josh, Chad and Max (not pictured) did a poster
on the exercise: Hang Clean

The students were then given time to work on their individual sports. Josh Pope-Ferguson is shown below working on a stickhandling drill to help him improve his hands and puck control for hockey.

Tomorrow we will start the day back in they gym for our last workout of the week.

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