Saturday, March 12, 2016

Visiting the Greek Islands

Today the group went to three different islands via boat off the coast of Greece. The islands we went to were Hydra, Poros, and Agina. The first island we went to, Hydra, was represented in the way of an amphitheater, in other words the houses and buildings were built up into the island all surrounding the port. As for Poros and Agina, their buildings were spread along the coast and they both consisted of narrow streets, stairways and interesting architecture.

The islands are a lot different in the winter. They are very seasonal: they flourish and have much more business in the summer because of the warmer weather. In the winter months people are still there but not nearly as many. There were many shops and small stores on these islands, and something that occurred, which doesn't in the United States, was that we were able to bargain with the store clerks to try and lower the price for different souvenirs.

It was a great experience going to the islands today. We focused on 10 topics; Greece, tourism, the crisis, tasty, history, economy, potential, I/we, pessimism, and optimism. We came across these 10 topics when visiting the islands, even if it wasn't right in front of our faces. We had to look but we were able to find them. We learned a lot about the islands and how businesses there thrive.

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