Thursday, March 10, 2016

Making Pizzas at the Bridgewater Inn

"The Bridgewater Inn has a very rustic and comfortable interior design. It felt very relaxed and comfy. There were many weird but cool pictures hanging on the wall that really made the place look interesting. The food there was amazing, and it was great that we were able to see the pizza dough being made, and even cooler, we made our own pizzas. The desserts were the best part of the visit."
-Andre K.

Just finished making the pizza dough.

Jamie making his pizza.

Learning how to knead our pizza dough.
"The Bridgewater Inn was definitely one of my favorite restaurants. I think it was due to the strong presence of family and friendship through out the restaurant. Not only was their food amazing but it was cool to see how the staff worked as a team. When it comes to  making those in the moment decisions, this restaurant is more than capable to adapt and provide the highest quality of food available. The Bridgewater Inn uses their own ingredients and recipes giving their food that personal flavor to make costumers feel right at home."
-Nick D.
Learning how to stretch the dough.

Tomi's creative shape for his pizza.

Maggie learning how to cook pizza in a wood
fired brick oven.

Joaquin is very focused on making his
pizza a perfect circle.

Jamie showing off his finished pizza.

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