Thursday, March 10, 2016

How Many People Can Fit in a Tiny House?

We found the answer today when we visited the Ovida tiny house, owned and operated by the Getaway Company. This 150 square foot tiny house provides city dwellers, tiny house enthusiasts, and anyone looking to "getaway" an opportunity to spend the night in a beautiful, peaceful and restorative setting.

Ovida House - You can rent this!

Following a good decision to walk, rather than drive the minibus, up the muddy road, we found ourselves face to face with a real tiny house! We were surprised by how big it actually felt when all 13 of us were inside together.

Mud Walk

Addison Designed This House!

Lots of Loft Space

Look At All Those People!

Our morning was spent talking with Kendall Ronzano, a current junior at Dartmouth College in the Thayer School of Engineering. Kendall, whose amazing story you can read about at Nerd Girl Homes, built a tiny house by herself when she was in high school and donated it to a homeless shelter. She inspired us, not only by giving us hope that we can build a tiny house, but also by encouraging us to set goals and go for it!

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