Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wednesday - We Can Build Stuff Too!

What a day in Central America! Four of us started the day at 7:00am with a beach run and workout with coach Simon. The whole group had breakfast together to get ready for the big day. We then walked down the street to a building used for different community functions. In this building we assembled shelves that would be used to help hold sports equipment and create a more organized area for the kids and people of Potrero. Everyone participated in different ways, whether it was staining the wood, using the saw, or hammering nails.

After building shelves, we headed to Playa Grande to enjoy a nice, relaxing, afternoon on the beach. We spent a lot of time in the water swimming through waves and throwing a football. Another highlight was that we learned how to surf from the swell god himself, Mr. Simon. In fact, Kdubbs (aka Ms. DiBari) got up several times while surfing! The whole group got sunburned to top off a very successful day in the sun!

We finished the evening with a nice, beachside dinner. We are heading to bed super tired and in need of aloe, but probably making a quick trip for gelato! Excited to work with the kids tomorrow! Good night from Potrero!

Quote of the day "You going to declare your sun at customs?" 
- Connor the LtN intern!



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