Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Beyond Fitness: Day 3

Beyond Fitness took on day 3 of Project Week in great stride! After a long day in Boston on day 2, day 3 started out with a late morning lesson on Body Weight workouts by Riley, Auden and Teddy. Then we got a workout in, because as gym owners exercise is a must each day. From there we began breaking down our ideas for our new gyms in our small groups, brainstorming, organizing, and strategizing ideas on philosphy, finances, and the overall market.

In the evening hours, we traveled to Tilton and visited a local entrepreneur at Awakening Chiropractic. Dr. Jilian was super impressive with her innovation, risk taking, brand management, and overall mission focus. The versatility in her company was so impressive... chiropractic services, whole health nutrition, exercise classes, and even a healthy cafe option. We were so happy to have the opportunity to explore her business and her insight into starting up a business.

Tomorrow we take on the Common Man and how to manage a business after the start up process.

Stay Tuned...

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