Thursday, March 10, 2016

Whaling and its Aftermath - Day 3

After an amazing couple of days on Nantucket, we sadly took the ferry back to Hyannis. However, the trip wasn’t so bad as within the first few minutes while we searched for whales, we saw a seal sunbathing on the rocks.

Landing in Hyannis we took a trip over to the New Bedford Whaling Museum. Here we could solidify what we learned from the Nantucket Museum, including information about how and why they whaled. We also got to see more skeletons of whales and got much more information on the actual biology of the whales. 

While we had learned much about how whales were killed in the past, it was interesting to learn about how whales today are still being killed but through boating accidents. This is even how one of the whale skeletons that was on display in the museum was killed. Not only by boating accidents, but the modern fishing industry, including fishing gill nets. This museum had a half sized replica of an actual whaling ship we were able to board and explore.

After a nice meal, we traveled back to campus, excited for another day learning about the whaling industry.

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