Thursday, March 10, 2016

Whaling and its Aftermath - Day 4

We began our first day back on campus watching In The Heart of the Sea. After all the information we learned it was very interesting to make new connections. It was especially intriguing after the Nantucket Museum had an interactive section for what happened to the Essex. The movie showed a very accurate representation of what we had learned the last few days about the whaling industry and this wreck.

We spent the afternoon reading parts of Moby Dick, as it was inspired by the story of the Essex. We related this to the connections that we made about the movie, book, and real versions that we learned, as well as how the stories represent the whaling industry. Nantucket, New Bedford, Hollywood, and Herman Melville each glorified and condemned different parts of whaling and we spent the rest of the afternoon discussing this.

Off to a group dinner tonight, and planning for the symposium tomorrow!

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