Saturday, February 25, 2017

Prague: Essential Question

How do you use the camera to capture centuries of cultural
history and daily life in the city of Prague?

The history of the magnificent city of Prague, Czech Republic, spans 11 centuries. We will be using our cameras to capture and document the beauty and diversity of Prague's incredibly rich history and daily life. 

The week will include instruction in photography from Ms. Wilson and Czech photographers from the Matela Studio.  Ms. Farr-Williams will be our personal guide and translator, and will help us maximize our experiences in her home city!

Passports? Visas? Transportation ? Currency? Cameras? YES! We are ready!
Photo by Ms. Farr-Williams

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  1. Have a great trip! Although your assugnment is to capture the rich and long history of Prague please dont forget your parents at home and take some good group shots of all of you as well! Safe travels and have a blast!!