Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday Ultimate Cooking

Today in Ultimate Cooking we made Chicken Cutlets, Nachos, and Chicken Wings. For all three dishes, we had team competitions to see who could impress the judges the most. In the morning, Mr. Sampson and Mrs. Kesselring were very impressed by Gretchen and Anthony's chicken cutlet dish.

 With striking presentation and delicious taste, their dish prevailed as our week's first competition winner. After lunch, the crew headed to Market Basket to shop for ingredients for nachos and chicken wings. One group had a delicious beef,  six cheese, and veggie nacho blend with Micah Little's fan favorite Guacamole to compliment the dish.

The other group had a 3-in-1 nacho dish which included a bacon, plain, and veggie section. To compliment their dish they had two types of Guacamole and re ried beans as dipping options. In the end, the first nacho dish took home first place.

In the last challenge of the day, the same two groups had to make their own buffalo and barbecue sauces from scratch for our wings. As both sauces were quite tasty, the Barbecues complexity and kick took the last "W" of the day.

All in all, we learned some very valuable kitchen skills. Skills such as safely cutting vegetables and preparing meat are important as we continue on in our cooking careers.

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