Monday, March 6, 2017

Go Kart Modifcation - Day 1

Today, our group of 14 students, met with the maintenance crew to do some work in the garage behind Draper House during the morning. They taught us many valuable skills. First, they taught us how to rotate tires. The point of this is to maintain the traction of the tires evenly. We learned how to change the oil of a truck. Finally, they showed us the uses of each tool inside of their tool boxes and different vehicle maintenance to keep cars running smoothly.

After working with the real trucks, we began improving our go-carts. First, we took the chain off of the engine and cleaned it along with the engine itself. After working tirelessly on the engines, we finally got them running. We took all the tires off in order to rotate them and also changed the rims on the tires to improve them. We changed the oil on the go-carts, just like we did with the truck.  It was very interesting to see the relation between the large maintenance trucks and the go karts we are using, they were very similar just on a smaller scale. We are looking forward to putting everything back together tomorrow and testing out the go karts. 

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