Thursday, March 9, 2017

Ultimate Cooking; Facing the Judges!

Today in ultimate cooking the group was once again divided into two groups. Our challenge for the day was to create an entrée, side, and dessert for our panel of judges. As we split up in different kitchens, the groups went to work beginning with planning and shopping in the morning session. After lunch, Mr. Sampson's group went to work on making chicken pot pie, coleslaw, oreo truffles, and fried apple rings. Taking a total for 4 hours, the group went through many processes to accomplish the full meal. As each dish required multiple steps, it was the perfect challenge to push our comfort zones and try new techniques. In the other kitchen, Mrs. Kesslering's group created their own meal that consisted of asparagus, a loaded baked potato, lemon thyme chicken, and snow pudding. As their meal saw many challenges with the work space, they were able to over come and improvise to create a delicious meal. As the groups came together, it was time to eat our final products. Each group pre pared a final dish and served it to the judges. As the the judges were pleased with each dish, there had to be winners. The best main entree was awarded to the lemon thyme chicken. The best desert was awarded to the oreo truffle. The best side was the homemade vinegar coleslaw and finally the best overall group was Mrs. Kesselring's squad. As this was a very productive day, the group used skills learned form the whole week to make delicious food. This showed us how far we have come and that we can prepare our own food. We are excited to see what the last couple of days have in store for the chefs of Ultimate Cooking!

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