Thursday, March 9, 2017

Art and Science of Baking: Day 3 Part 2

In the afternoon we continued some baking projects from the morning and started some new ones as well!

Carter: I iced my red velvet cake. I had some difficulty getting the cakes out of the pans. Next time I’ll put parchment paper in the bottom of the pans. The finished product was great!

Zola and Taylor: We made s’mores cupcakes. We got to use a blowtorch to toast the marshmallow topping. They were really good.

Melon and Chumi: We started to make gingerbread cookie dough. Unfortunately the recipe called for a wait time of 2 to 8 hours. So our dough is currently refrigerated and awaiting baking tomorrow!

Molly and Ashley: We made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. They were really easy to make. They were good but the ones in the back of the stove burned a little.

Zak and Peter: We made pretzels. We were supposed to let the dough rise to double its size but we weren’t patient enough. They came out really well though, it just may have affected the amount of pretzels we made.

Nabi and Maddie: We made brownies. They were really good. The original frosting recipe didn’t work so we had to look up a different one.

Olivia: I made chocolate chip cookies. The recipe called for salted butter but we only had unsalted, so they came out a little bland. I’ll add salt when I cook the other half of the batter.

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