Thursday, March 9, 2017

Whaling and Its Aftermath Day 3: Whaling Museum and Walking Tour

Day 3

On Wednesday Morning we were awoken by the savory smell of blueberry pancakes wafting into our rooms. After they were hastily devoured we quickly took off downtown to the Nantucket Whaling Museum where we began our extravagant tour. The tour started off with a little bit of historical information about the five predominant families who helped shape the island into what we see today. After the basics were out of the way, our guide started a slide show that gave us the rudimentary knowledge of why the Nantucketers started the whaling process. He also stated the riches they gained like spermaceti oil as well as ambergris (an ingredient in fine perfume), which was highly valued in the 1850s. After the slide show, we were rapidly taken into an old spermaceti candle factory which was an extension of the museum so we could learn about how the candles were made and why they were worth so much––the reason being they were orderless and didn't drip like most candles did at the time. After we were thoroughly educated on the subject, we went over to the scrimshaw section (scrimshaw was the art of carving drawings into the whales' teeth) where some beautiful carvings were on display. Once the tour of the historical museum came to an end, we went off to get lunch at the cafĂ© down the street from where we were. After lunch, we were met by a very knowledgeable woman who gave us an astounding tour of downtown Nantucket. We learned even more about the island’s history and were lucky enough to go inside of a Quaker meeting house and lots more. After the tour, we were tired from walking around downtown all afternoon, then went back home. After, we went out to eat at a nice restaurant. Once dinner was done, we headed back home to where we watched In the Heart of the Sea, which concluded our second full day on Nantucket.

Ollie & Owen 

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