Thursday, March 9, 2017

Art and Science of Baking Day 4: Cupcake Wars!

Today felt longer than the other days because we were working on the same project all day.
There was also more pressure because of the competition aspect. In the morning we baked the cupcakes and made our frosting. Various bakers encountered some challenges. Nabi and Maddie’s original marshmallow frosting didn’t work, so they threw it out and made new frosting from a different recipe. Molly and Ashley found that making fondant from scratch was finicky and messy. Olivia’s frosting had clumps of powdered sugar that wouldn’t smooth out. Also, adding her cupcake ingredients in the wrong order caused the cake to be a little dense.

After lunch, we decorated the cupcakes and had the competition. It was stressful to hear the judges talk critically about everyone's hard work.

The Competitors:
Chumi and Melon: Red velvet chocolate chip cupcake
Carter: Chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganache, maple frosting, and bacon
Zak and Peter: Red velvet cupcake with super secret frosting
Olivia: Extreme lemon cupcake
Zola and Taylor: Vanilla bean cupcake with caramel frosting and caramel garnish
Nabi and Maddie: Chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganache filling, vanilla buttercream icing, and graham cracker crumbs
Ashley and Molly: Chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting

The Judges:
Mr. Fisk
Mrs. Berry
Mr. Williams
Mrs. Woods
Mrs. Cornog
Mr. Schwab

Mrs. Arsenault

The Winners:
Taste: Nabi and Maddie
Appearance: Chumi and Melon
Creativity: Carter
Overall: Zola and Taylor

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