Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Austin Day #2

What a day of music making! We have built a strong foundation for our 'original' song. The recording process can be a difficult one for any musician. It is mentally draining to play your part over and over again to capture your best take.  However, our Husky musicians were up to the task!  Ethan started the day on drums while Drew (Bass), Victor (Guitar), and Mikayla (Voice) created a scratch track (A temporary set of tracks that serve as a scaffold for another instrument to record their part) for him to work with.  In order to keep everyone together, we used a click track (a beat set to certain tempo) to play along with to keep our rhythm true.  However, this is a skill that takes developing and I was super pleased with how the students adjusted and found success.  Drew and Victor made quick work of their parts and we are eager to get back to the studio to work on Piano, Uke, and Vocal tracks tomorrow.

The Orb Recording Studio is AMAZING! It is a state of the art facility.  It has the pictures and records on the wall of the those that have made music there.  It is an impressive list, to say the least: Justin Beiber, Lil Wayne, Skrillex, AVICII, Pentatonix and more. Our engineer, Juan Lopez, is the perfect fit for us.  He is patient and has a great attitude.  It is clear that he enjoys working with this age group.  He works at a lightening speed and is able to make edits in the blink of an eye. He has a lot of great insight and is getting the best out of the students.

Looking forward to seeing what our song becomes! (Disclaimer:  We keep calling it "Our Original Song" as we have yet to agree on a song name.  Drew and Avery want to name it "Vince" after a lost cat they saw on a poster...we'll see!)

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