Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ultimate Cooking; Pasta from Scratch at the Tuscan Kitchen


Today the chefs of Ultimate Cooking headed down to Salem, New Hampshire to the Tuscan Kitchen Market. While there, we got the opportunity to work with chef Amanda in a lesson on how to make pasta from scratch. In this unique experience, we first learned the proper technique to make the pasta dough. Once you the dough is prepared, you cut and roll it into "snakes". Finally, you cut the snakes into little squares and use your thumb to create a C shaped piece of pasta. Also, we learned how to make Bolognese sauce. This sauce takes six hours to prepare so although we didn't make it today, we saw the process it entails. To top off the day, we got to eat the pasta and sauce that we made and it was delicious. It was really cool to see each member contribute to our meal as this was a new experience for all of us. We also had the opportunity to tour the kitchen which was interesting because of all the machines that are used to aid in the production of their food. We all really enjoyed this workshop and learned a lot of new skills that can be useful for further cooking.

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