Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Austin Day #3

Our song "Play it Loud' is starting to sound amazing.  We started off the day recording acoustic guitar in the Orb Studio. With the help of Juan, we were able to finish the guitar process of our song. Then our pianist Ray worked really hard getting his part done.  Everyone else was enjoying their time in the studio asking questions and/or playing pool or video games in the lobby.  After the piano recording, we started to record Mikayla's vocal. She pushed herself to get her vocals up to Juan"s standards. Then we took a pizza break and now we are back at it with the finishing touches. Our next step is to record the harmony's and fit in everyone's voices.

 -Jack Wagner

 It was nerve racking at first because it is very quiet and lonely. I was in the huge room by myself, with dimmed blue lights. In my head I kept thinking, do not mess up, do not! However, Juan gave me a pep talk that really relaxed my and made me feel comfortable. He told me to, let loose and fill the room with my voice. To just belt it out! I really took his advice into action. I will admit, it did take me a while to really belt my voice and take chances, but eventually I did my best to just make it work. I struggled a lot with the ending of the song, trying to find a right way to end it. The whole process of recording was exciting, stressful, and fun, I do not know how so many great artist record, I truly applauded them.

-Mikayla Williams

We got to see the famous bats of Austin last night and it was great! Imagine 700,000 bats are in the air and you're on a boat right under them! You may be thinking, 'uh-oh the bats are gonna poop on me'. Well, this is exactly what happened to Jack. Jack got pooped on and I honestly couldn't be happier.


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