Monday, March 6, 2017

Austin or bust!

We are beyond excited!  Only a half hour till we touch down in Austin!

This week is going to be filled with amazing experiences.  We will be recording our original song "Turn Up the Radio" at Orb Recording Studios.  This is a world-class facility where we will work with engineer/producer, Juan Lopez, to get the most out of our talented group of Husky musicians.

We can not wait to share the results of our hard work!

We will grab our bags and head to our hotel this morning.  Then it's off to Rocket Electrics for a three hour Private Music Tour on electric bikes!  The tour should help us get a better sense of the city so we can squeeze the most out of our short time here.

We will try to get to bed early tonight to recover from our 3am start today.  Tuesday day will be a full day in the studio and we will need our full energy.

Creating Music in a Professional Recording Studio: Austin is off to a great start!

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