Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Art and Science of Baking: Day 3

Today we met at breakfast and discussed reading directions, baking techniques, and kitchen safety. Then we applied the tools we’ve learned in Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. Pechenick’s kitchens to bake many delicious goodies.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread: Melon and Chumi
We struggled with the amount of bowls we had, so we had to use smaller bowls. The mashed bananas were disgusting!! The mixture was thick and gooey and looked like cookie dough. After we baked it, however, it came out really well.
Here's the recipe
Peppermint Bark: Zola and Taylor

This was really easy to make. We accidentally added too much milk, which made the chocolate stick together. The result was delicious!

Red Velvet Cake: Carter
This recipe was difficult to make. The oven got turned off accidentally right when the cakes went in, which took a little while to figure out, and I burnt my hand (not seriously). I will be icing the cake this afternoon.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: Zak and Peter
These were pretty easy. We just mixed the ingredients and scooped out the dough onto the trays. We made about 5 dozen cookies. We creamed butter and sugar together for the first time. They turned out well!

Coffee Cake Muffins: Nabi and Maddie
We didn’t have quite enough batter and we had WAY too much crumb topping. We also had an incident with the glaze where we used regular instead of powdered sugar and had to make it again. The batter looked dry, but the muffins were moist and yummy.

Thumbprint Cookies: Olivia
When I made the dough it was incredibly crumbly and sticky. But they came out the way they were supposed to. Unfortunately they were a little bland.

Doughnuts: Ashley and Molly
Making doughnuts was a lot easier than we expected. Frying them was easy, but it took a while for the oil to heat up. This was the first time we’ve ever fried anything! They came out really good.

For lunch we made homemade pizzas!

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