Thursday, March 9, 2017

Build Sheds DAY 4

After Wednesday in which the siding of the sheds was applied, Thursday was mostly focused on the roofs of the two sheds. To start we cut ply wood into fitting pieces and then nailed it to the boards making up the foundation of the roof. After we applied the siding to the roof and the detailing as well. We applied green painted overhangs/trim to each side of the roof on each shed. An air powered nail gun was used to apply each piece to the shed. We also used a portable circular saw to cut out pieces of ply wood that needed to fit into places on the siding and roof that had small gaps. We also used the saw to cut out the pieces for the siding from the ply wood in the first place. Each shed is beginning to come together and with the white pain and green accents also starting to look nice. We are excited to finish the job in the coming day.  

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