Thursday, March 9, 2017

Kurn Hattin: Day 4, Thursday

Even though today was our last full day at Kurn Hattin, it was never dull. Every moment of the day was eventful and fun. 

First we made bracelets with some of the kids in Ms.Tallman's 2nd/3rd grade class
Lala snuggled with one of the kids in Ms. Knight's class
We also read many books to some children 
I also signed autographs on tape for some of the kids
Devin also played toys with some of the kids
And we also played in some intense volleyball games before dinner 
with a great Husky fan section.

Today was a very sad for us being that it was the last full day we had with the kids at Kurn Hattin. This project experience has been both fun, creative, and eye-opening, which made it such a unique experience that we don't want to leave. This project week trip allowed us as students to reflect on our blessings and have empathy for those not as fortunate as us while also realizing they are still kids like we used to be. -Posted by Kaleb Davis '18

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