Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Debating the World - Sheep!

Our morning started with a delicious and hearty breakfast next to the hotel. On the morning's train ride, the group finally caught the first sight on everyone's bucket list: sheep! The journey out of Edinburgh took us through rolling hills and near castle ruins along the North Sea.

The Huskies ventured out to Stonehaven to see the famous Dunnottar Castle. Unfortunately, due to high winds, the castle was closed the for day. After a brisk walk and sunshine followed by hail followed by sunshine, the group struck out again looking for a late lunch. The train ride back to Edinburgh intensified everyone's hunger, and the group took to the streets for either authentic Indian food (very spicy!), "the best pizza ever" and warm Italian, or a "Proper Hamburger" (that's really what the restaurant is called. So British!).

Tomorrow marks an early morning filled with art- and nature-driven culture, so these Huskies are headed to sleep!

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