Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ultimate Cooking Day 3

Ultimate Cooking had an eventful day dedicated to making unique pizzas. As we split into two teams, we spent the morning preparing the recipes and ingredients for our three pizzas. As we were encouraged think outside the box, each group stepped outside their comfort zone and created some unique pizza options for our judges. The first group kicked off the competition by making a unique taco pizza, mac and cheese pizza, and nutella pizza. The taco pizza had an exciting kick with salsa as the pizza sauce and refried beans, cheese, and veggies as the toppings. The Mac and Cheese pizza was an all around fan favorite as the noodles and cheese blended deliciously with the pizza dough. Lastly, group one's desert pizza was sweet and fresh at the same time. Using Nutella and fresh fruit, the two blended well and was a perfect way to top off their presentation. After we ate those pizzas, it was the second groups time to go to work. The second group had three new ideas that consisted of egg and bacon pizza, cinnamon roll pizza, and a meat and vodka sauce pizza. The egg and bacon pizza was the judges vote for best pizza of the day. The cinnamon roll pizza was another fan favorite and won the desert pizza competition. Lastly, the meat and vodka pizza was delicious and loaded with different meats and cheese. All in all, the the day was a success as each group created delicious and and different pizzas. One thing that was really cool was that no group used traditional pizza sauce and instead created their own sauces. As we learned how to make the dough from scratch and think outside the box with toppings, our day today taught us easy skills that we can use for future cooking. It was a fun day with delicious food and we are back at it tomorrow as the same groups will prepare their own main dish, side, and desert for our set of judges.


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