Thursday, March 9, 2017

Debating the World: We're Gow-ing to Glasgow!

The breakfast we've all been waiting for... Elephant House. JK Rowling penned the beginning of the Harry Potter series in the very seats we occupied this morning. The Huskies had a taste for toast, eggs, Nutella, and danish this morning alongside tea, "Flavored Moo," and affogato (not to be confused with avocado). Much time was spent in the bathroom, but luckily not for the reason you might expect; over the years, thousands of Harry Potter fans have scrawled book quotes, inspiring personal anecdotes influenced by the stories, and drawn fan fiction that covers the walls and doors. Some of us contributed a thing or two...

The group then boarded a train to Glasgow, home of Glasgow Cathedral and the Glasgow Botanic Gardens. After a five minute walk through the downtown university in Glasgow, students stopped into the cathedral and saw beautiful stained glass and tombs.

Griffin adding a ribbon to a wish tree

Glasgow Cathedral fa├žade

Although the outdoor plants weren't quite in bloom yet at the Botanic Gardens, the warm greenhouses were filled with plants from around the world. After roaming in the sunshine, tea time in the gardens included mini sandwiches and scones.

After returning to Edinburgh, some students took a much-needed rest. The more ambitious hiked above the city to view the sunset. Although it was a little cloudy, the view of Edinburgh from above was second to none.

After another long day exploring Scotland, the Huskies are ready for a good night's sleep and preparation for the Model UN conference tomorrow afternoon at George Watson's College. Wish us luck!

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